Exhibitions have brought Nova Scotians together since our first exhibition in Hants County in 1765. Agricultural Societies initially hosted Exhibitions for farmers to exhibit their stock or crops for local competition. Exhibitions and Fairs have come a long way since then and ensure fun for every member of the family!

Exhibitions are great at promoting local agricultural awareness and have excellent economic benefits. The Exhibition and Fair’s economic benefit is felt throughout the town and surrounding areas when Exhibitions and Fairs occur. The Hants County Exhibition alone reports a gross economic impact in Windsor in excess of three million dollars a year.

With the importance of Exhibitions and Fairs evident throughout Nova Scotia, The Exhibitions Association of Nova Scotia (EANS) plays a vital role in ensuring efficient and safe exhibitions that the whole family enjoys! While each Exhibition and Fair are independently run, by working with EANS they are able to reduce administrative overhead, reduce and eliminate duplicate functions, and form synergies by sharing information.